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10 Reasons I Believe

Why I believe in a Loving, Personal, Creator God 1. Design The argument for design is well-known in philosophical and other intellectual circles – it is the belief that the universe in all its complexity, order, and precision, could not have happened by chance and evolution alone. The more scientific knowledge we gain, the more it becomes apparent how little we really know about the hidden reasons and causes behind everything. The most honest scientist will admit that these questions cannot be solved by science, but must be left to the realm of metaphysics, philosophy and religion… We struggle to explain and predict aspects of even the material world through quantitative experiments and logical reasoning – let alone the spiritual and infinite dimensions beyond our reach. When I look at the ocean, or an underwater reef with its kaleidoscope of life, or a kitten at play, or stare into another person’s eyes, I cannot believe anything other than a magnificent and al