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I am haunted: There’s a landscape behind my eyes. It’s the backdrop to everything I see. A longing, emotional landscape... While looking out at inner city squalor, bleak buildings, traffic and cement... I am also looking inward, at mountains, forest walks, beaches of whitest sand. One, my current neighbourhood in Sydney, Australia - the present. The other, one of the most beautiful corners of the world, the Western Cape in South Africa. The past. Aside from missing friends and family in the beautiful country of my birth, I always knew I would miss the spectacular beauty of the place we called home for over 3 years. But other priorities, other considerations, of which I have written in many of my previous blog posts, caused us to make this move – back to Australia, where we have citizenship and lived for many years before too. We have good reasons to be here. And we won’t always live in this inner city suburb. Sydney, and Australia, has many beauti