the muiz

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Rantings of a recovering office 'workhorse'

Those stupid, plastic-looking people in the posters on the wall of the "industry medical" doctors' office!!

I can see them still, in my resentful mind's eye. Smiling down on me as I sat waiting for my "pre-employment" medical. Like some sort of work horse, in days gone by, having its teeth and legs checked for any health problems, defects..."Must get our money's worth from these little workers. Don't want any hassles or issues".

The poster people are all perfect little workers, "professionals" - well groomed, smiling cheesy smiles, dressed according to their professions...and vanilla. So vanilla, so pastel, I want to puke. One's got a headset (call centre person, like I may be soon?) and another is typing away like a good little office amoeba. Erggg.

And of course there's a man in a hard hat, and another...oh who cares - they are like clones of "the ideal system fodder" in various shades of pastel. Erggg, erggg, erggg!!

Later that night, the television advert for for work uniforms assails my eyes yet again - this time "hotel worker" aka "checkout worker" aka ?clone is posing with almost imperceptibly different uniforms, to excite the interest of some employer out there...?

It's surreal...but all too real.