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The Revolution will not be Televised...

...or will it? Obama's inauguration: a masterpiece of carefully crafted state propaganda...and the whole world lapped it up. It's a revolution, but a calm one - ever so Is all this Obama-hysteria going to leave everyone with a big hangover one day soon, I wonder? For weeks the news has been saturated with Obama - his election, his plans, his inauguration...the world can't seem to get enough. The celeb-style President and his family have been on "Women's Day" and "Who Weekly" covers ever since... But this wonderful, hopeful feeling that seems to have taken hold across the world - I share it - what if it's all hype? Anyway, aren't we expecting more than is humanly possible, given the world's problems today, and the U.S. system - which is not as free as they like to tell themselves… I really hope it all goes well for Obama - that he does bring back some hope, some more unity and integrity and vision...but I can&#